Daisuki Japan! presents the impressive photo taking trip in Iwate which photography lovers should not miss!

When Thailand’s summer heat is too unbearable, you might wish it was winter time. But when most people think of winter, they would picture a town completely covered in snow. So it isn’t Thailand’s winter that most people think of, it’s Japan’s snowy white winter!

Today we’re inviting all Daisuki fans to experience the spectacular snow scenery in Iwate prefecture in our ‘Olympus-Daisuki Japan Photo Taking Tour.’ We have a professional photographer, Mr. How from 2how.com and two tour members, Mr. Book (NineBooking) and Mr. Art, coming along the tour to assure photography lovers the “Daisuki-ness” of this tour where we’ll visit various exclusive locations in Japan!

DAISUKI MOMENT ! What was most impressive about the trip?
Art: “These past few trips had been so exclusive that it’s impossible to visit all these locations on your own because each was really difficult to reach. You had to battle with snow to get there! The staffs have to be really dedicated and thoughtful to be able to organize a successful tour like this.”

Book: “The friendship formed during the trip was very warm. Okuno san (reporter/photographer) was friendly. The staffs tried to break the ice by talking to us because we knew nobody when we first started the trip.”

How: “There was a Japanese team who oversaw us tour members on winter walking and provided other safety tips. They took great care of us. If we went traveling like this on our own, we wouldn’t be able to make it for sure! The convenience was a distinguished quality of the trip. We didn’t have to struggle as much, even though we were abroad. Actually, Japan is a nice country to visit as a tourist. Locals would always help you and give historical background of each place, which makes you know more about the places you visit. When I was walking around with my camera, I thought to myself, “wow! These locations are part of the locals’ memories. These memories are then given to me and are conveyed unknowingly through my photography.”

DAISUKI PHOTO ! Which photograph did you like the most?
How: “We were departing from Mt. Iwate. On the way, we looked at the mountain. It was beautiful, like it was saying goodbye to us one last time. Out f nowhere, though, Okuno san (reporter/professional photographer) told the driver to stop the car for 5 minutes so we could get off and capture some nice photographs. This was totally spontaneous as it wasn’t on our itinerary, but he saw that the atmosphere was right, so we were able to capture some memorable photographs on that day. There’s also that nice photograph I took of the flying sea gulls when I was on the boat at the Pacific Coast. It’s the authentic Japanese atmosphere that if anyone else found out, they’d surely be envious of your chance! Why? Because even if they did go to Japan and sighted a number of locations, it wouldn’t be the same as this trip that I went along with. This difference is what photographers look for in photography.”

Art: “As for me, my most favorite photograph is indeed the one that won me the prize, the one with birds spreading their wings. I used the Pro Capture mode on the Olympus EM1, which allowed me to capture continuous shots after shots. This photograph came by because of this – I must say that I’m really proud of it!”

Book: “I like the photograph of the temple -- the world heritage one. I think temples look great with snow, the dark structure against the snow’s whiteness really gives off a magical feel to it. It’s simply great.”

PHOTOGRAHER MUST GO ! Why must photography lovers join this tour?
How: “Aside from the tour being extremely exclusive, it’s also very premium – food, lodging and other accommodations. You don’t have to worry about all that. This includes the trip’s security as well. Most importantly, this is the trip where you can capture photographs that will make other photographers quiver with envy if they take a look at them! All because the tour staffs really know what photographers want. Take me, for example, even though this trip took 4 -5 days, I was able to take hundreds of great photographs in one day! I posted those photos on my social media daily, so people became curious and had to follow what photo I’d post next, and where. I have to say that it’s one of the best trips I’ve joined. It exceeded all my expectations. It was unique and very different from other trips. If Daisuki Japan wants to organize another trip, I’m so in! Haha! It’s because I discovered that if it’s Japan, it’s better to go with this team. Such a convenient trip, not at all exhausting. It’s worth-it!”

Book: “A great point is that they’ve prepared cameras and lenses for us to use, so we didn’t have to carry all that with us to the trip. I’ve never actually used an Olympus camera, so it was a good chance for me to try it out because I was initially quite interested in their products; I look for compatibility and lightness in cameras. There were instructors to teach me all the techniques during the trip. I think it’s better to find out from a professional than to look online for information on your own. You get immediate information and it’s also more practical as you can use it at once while you’re photographing. To make it simple, everything’s been taken care of for your convenience, you just have to be there to photograph. It’s that simple!”

Art: “There is the trip that you won't find elsewhere. If you want to discover Japan’s “unseen,” I highly recommend you to join this tour with Daisuki Japan, guarantee you won’t get disappointed. Come join the tour with us, it will be more than fun!”

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